To us, Chicken Fire is much more than a restaurant. It’s a special place in which we are able to combine our Passion and Purpose to create an excellent hospitality experience. You may come with hunger in your stomach, but you will leave with satisfaction in your soul.



Passion is everything that we put into everything that we do. It’s what we always seek to communicate through our food, our service, and our hospitality experience. Among other things, Passion for us is love, true hospitality, positivity, openness, honesty, authenticity, integrity, and caring.


Our purpose from day one has been to establish and set a different and better standard for hospitality within this industry. We could not stand by and continue to watch people being treated like just a monetary transaction at most other places they dine. We want to return the core foundations to create a space that always values human interaction and restores the energy and vitality of our guests whilst also engaging their spirits. We want to know your name and serve you by it. YOU are important to US.


We are extremely Family-oriented. We are always seeking to take care of our guests and give everyone the best experience we possibly can provide. We are here to build community. When you share a meal and eat with us, you instantly become a part of our Chicken Fire Family.


We make all the food in our restaurant from scratch and make it fresh to order to serve you a fine meal at its peak quality. We personally hold ourselves to high quality standards. In our opinion, your meal should we be excellent. We take great pride in our craft, and strive to never serve a meal that we are not proud of.


You can ALWAYS count on us for an EXCELLENT experience. We strive to ensure that our food, service, and hospitality are always consistent. Whether you have eaten with us a year ago or today, whether you are the first guest to start the day or the very last, and will our goal and top priority is for your experience with us to be the same or better each and every time. As the “modern saying” goes…”WE KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY”

Nashville-style Soulful Hot Chicken

At Chicken Fire, we specialize in making Nashville-style Soulful Hot Chicken served with true southern hospitality. To us, food isn’t just food, it’s an experience.



We’re looking to add to our strong team of driven and ambitious individuals for our Restaurant. We prioritize passion. Passion for great food, excellent service, and exponential growth.

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We want to be YOUR FAVORITE place to eat hot chicken.

A simple statement with a deep meaning. We value, appreciate,a dn care about all of our guests.Without you and your support, we would truly have no reason for being. Our goal each time you come to Chicken Fire is to deliver you a hospitality experience that earns and maintains a place in your heart as one of your favorite places to eat.


Our First Restaurant - Orlando, FL

From our very humble beginnings in 2019 as a small Food Trailer, to operating throughout the entirety of the pandemic in 2020, we are very proud to have been able to open the doors of our first restaurant location in December 2020 right in the heart of Oralndo, FL.
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